Ocean Business

Canadian Coast Guard Icebreakers
Undergo Upgrade and Modernization

ABB concluded the first modernization on a Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) icebreaker, the 38-year-old CCGS Pierre Radisson, including installation of 12 new DC drives and a complete propulsion control system.

ABB fitted twin AC/DC diesel-electric propulsion systems for greater redundancy, with each featuring a DC electric motor connected directly to the vessel’s propeller. ABB also attached digital sensors to a variety of onboard equipment to provide its shore-based engineers with a virtual presence on board the ship.

The project kicked off an upgrade program that will ultimately cover 10 ships in the Canadian Coast Guard fleet, to be completed by 2020.


Art Anderson Has $3 Million Contract
To Construct Detroit Floating Screen Structure

Bremerton–based naval architecture and marine engineering firm Art Anderson Associates is working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in Portland to provide architectural and engineering services for the design of a downstream fish passage floating screen structure (FSS) in the Detroit Reservoir. The FSS has an estimated maximum cubic feet per second (cfs) between 1,000 and 4,500 cfs and is intended to attract and collect juvenile fish in the reservoir and expected to increase outmigration.

The USACE Portland District (CENWP) is simultaneously designing a selective withdrawal structure (SWS) with a weir box to provide temperature control in the North Santiam River, intending for the flow to pass through the FSS, screen out the fish, pass through the SWS and ultimately pass through the turbines and further down river. The fish that were separated from the flow and collected will be passed further downstream. The project is one of seven floating fish collectors in the Pacific Northwest.


Oil Seepage Mapping Collaboration
Wins Environmental Leadership Award

Fugro received an Environmental Leadership Award from The Maritime Alliance, a California-based nonprofit organization that promotes sustainable, science-based ocean and water industries.

The recognition was received in San Diego during the organization’s BlueTech Week, an international gathering of more than 485 marine professionals from academia, government and industry.

Sharing the award was Planck Aerosystems, a drone intelligence company specializing in highly autonomous unmanned aerial systems with whom Fugro collaborated on a project to identify and map oil seepage from abandoned offshore well sites in Santa Barbara County.

Results from this project prompted the California State Assembly to pass legislation SB-44 funding a legacy oil and gas well removal and remediation program through 2028.


C-Innovation Forms Subsea Projects Group

C-Innovation LLC (C-I) announced the formation of a turnkey subsea projects group based in Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO)’s Houston, Texas, office. C-I provides engineering support, procedure development and review, project execution and final reporting requirements and offers ECO’s various port facilities, logistics company, tank cleaning services, shipyards and dry docks located throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast and Brazil. With corporate headquarters in Mandeville, Louisiana, C-I’s ROV capabilities provide support to subsea construction projects, as well as drilling, intervention, maintenance and heavy-lift assignments.


New Woods Hole Group Will Provide
Environmental Monitoring and Planning

Representatives from CLS America Inc., Horizon Marine Inc. and The Woods Hole Group Inc. announced the merging of the three companies, effective January 1, 2018 and resulting in the new company: The Woods Hole Group Inc.

CLS America specializes in satellite technology and enhancing security through direct operational support to government, institutions and industries in the environmental field, while Horizon Marine’s expertise lies in offshore oceanography for the energy industry. The merger with Woods Hole Group provides services including: environmental assessment, fisheries and wildlife satellite tracking, ocean current forecasting, coastal engineering, ocean monitoring systems, habitat restoration and climate change planning projects.


Metal Shark Offers Next-Generation
Damen Fast Crew Supplier

As an extension of its existing relationship with Netherlands-based Damen Shipyards, Louisiana-based shipbuilder Metal Shark announced the availability of the new Damen FCS 7011 for the U.S. market.

The all-aluminum monohull FCS 7011 incorporates Damen’s “Sea Axe” bow and a ride control system for roll and pitch reduction in offshore sea states. Steerable skegs allow for highly accurate course corrections, while a gyroscope maintains stability during crew transfer via a motion-compensating gangway.


Hydro Purchases Ownership Stake in Corvus

Norwegian aluminum supplier Hydro purchased 25.9 percent of the shares in Corvus Energy, a provider of modular lithium-ion battery systems that is jointly held by BW Group, Statoil Technology Invest and investors affiliated with El Cuervo Holdings Ltd. Partnership.

Rooted in more than a century of renewable energy innovation, Hydro was attracted to Corvus as the commercial viability of battery power technology in all-electric and hybrid marine applications increases.


Western Marine Electronics Has a New Owner

Founder and President of WESMAR (Western Marine Electronics) Bruce H. Blakey sold his 52-year-old business to a new owner, Roger Fellows. WESMAR started in 1965 to develop sonar for commercial fishing and has since developed the first solid state sonar and the first color radar, along with a broad portfolio of other products for commercial, noncommercial, municipal and government customers in a variety of marine industries.


Canadian Hydrographic Service
Receives Autonomous System

ASV Global converted a 26-ft. hydrographic survey launch to operate autonomously using the ASView control system. The launch, which is part of the Canadian Coast Guard’s fleet dedicated to the survey operations of the Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS), will be used as a test platform for unmanned survey work.

Delivery to the CHS marks ASV Global’s 10th unmanned conversion of a customer vessel using the ASView system, which interfaces with the launch’s existing engine, steering and navigation systems to enable autonomous operation. The launch is connected to a remote station via IP radios that enable real-time monitoring of survey acquisition data and vessel parameters.


Nova Scotia Company
Develops Arctic Technology

GeoSpectrum Technologies (GTI) announced two contracts from the Department of National Defense to develop technologies suitable for year-round Arctic deployment and capable of providing persistent surveillance and messaging over very long ranges in environmentally hostile and acoustically challenging waters.

Under the first contract, Long-Range Detection and Communications, GTI will build a very low-frequency acoustic source for long-distance underwater detection and potentially basin-scale (1,000 km) communications, as well as supporting, for example, a UUV engaged in under-ice work. Under the second contract, Low-Frequency Towed Array, GTI will develop a passive horizontal thin line array suitable for towing from a UUV.


Ballast Water Testing Approved by Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco announced that all ships calling at its ports and terminals are required to provide ballast water test results to show compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Ballast Water Management (BWM) 2004 convention. The Saudi Arabian Oil Co. evaluated Turner Designs’ Ballast-Check 2 Handheld PAM Fluorometer and approved it as a valid ballast water sampling instrument and will accept results from certified technicians using the device.


New LNG Response Training Program Available

KVH Videotel has launched an LNG bunkering training course based on guidelines from the Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF). It was developed in response to the increased use of LNG as a bunker fuel by operators to help them meet the low-sulphur targets required by MARPOL Annex VI.

SGMF defined “respond level” awareness as vitally important: Personnel in close proximity to bunkering operations must understand the hazards associated with LNG and respond to emergency situations. KVH Videotel’s course covers composition and usage of LNG and potential bunkering methods, hazards and consequences for the individual and ship and relevant procedures for fighting LNG fires, among other LNG topics.


Jamaica Rejoins IMO Council

Jamaica has reestablished its position at the heart of international maritime rule-making following its election to the International Maritime Organization’s Council, Category C membership to serve until 2019. As the largest English-speaking island state in the Caribbean, Jamaica has had a long history of involvement in maritime affairs as an integral part of the socioeconomic development of the country. Jamaica has been a member of the IMO since 1976.


Coast Guard Seeks Mariner Input
For Pacific Seacoast Study

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is seeking input from mariners for a study of navigation requirements in the Pacific Seacoast System. The Waterways Analysis and Management System (WAMS) study will review the short-range Aids to Navigation system that covers American waterways, from the Canadian border to the Mexican border and around Alaska, Hawaii and the Marianas Islands. In addition to the survey input, the system-wide study will cover international requirements, environmental concerns, user capabilities, available technology and available resources.


Crowley Restructures Business Units

Crowley Maritime Corp. restructured its business units to increase the company’s focus on government-related business and better align vessel operations and fuel distribution services with its customers. Crowley will transition its nonliner and logistics business units into three main service lines: Crowley Shipping, Crowley Fuels and Crowley Solutions.

Rob Grune, senior vice president and general manager, will oversee Crowley Shipping, which encompasses deep-sea petroleum transportation, ship assist and escort services, offshore vessels and commercial ship management services. Under Rocky Smith, senior vice president, Crowley Fuels will include Crowley’s LNG sales, distribution and engineering unit, and the company’s fuel sales and distribution business in Alaska.

Todd Busch, senior vice president and general manager, will lead Crowley Solutions, which includes naval architecture and engineering through subsidiary Jensen Maritime, government vessel management and a unified government business development team.


Operating Platform for ROV Assists
Discovery of USS Indianapolis

Greensea’s OPENSEA (open software and equipment architecture) is a universal marine industry operating platform installed on Paul G. Allen’s deep-sea expedition vessel, RV Petrel, that provides unified, integrated system and supervised autonomy for the ship’s ROV.

The first use of the Greensea operating platform was in the discovery of USS Indianapolis, found 5,000 m below the surface of the Pacific Ocean in August 2017.


Fugro Establishes Hydrography Center

The Houston-based Hydrography Centre of Excellence will handle a wide range of hydrographic project types, including nautical charting, cable routing and Law of the Sea boundary claims.

Fugro is formalizing its coastal zone mapping services using complimentary geophysical and geotechnical techniques for resource development, infrastructure siting, coastal management and emergency response.


Kraken Changes Name to Reflect
Greater Focus on Robotics

Kraken Sonar Inc. changed its name to Kraken Robotics Inc. to reflect its focus on robotic systems for the unmanned maritime systems market. The company began trading under its new name in September, and its stock symbols remain the same.

The company’s Canadian operating subsidiary, Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. (KSSI), has been renamed Kraken Robotics Systems Inc. (KRSI).


Industry Executives Invited to Gain Knowledge
Of USCG Initiatives through Year-Long Academy

The Washington Homeland Security Roundtable created the 2017 Coast Guard Industry Academy, a one-year program to strengthen industry collaboration and knowledge of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) mission. The academy will open at USCG headquarters in Washington, D.C., under the leadership of Vice Commandant Charles Michel.

Seats are reserved for 50 senior executives in maritime industries who will attend quarterly sessions beginning with dialog on securing maritime borders; facilitating commerce; maritime security and counterterrorism; inland waterways; sovereignty and presence in polar regions; and acquisitions.


ROV Manufacturer Expands
Global Distribution

Aquabotix added four new distributors to its global network to support the company’s global expansion and the sale of underwater robotics products, including the Endura ROV, Hybrid AUV/ROV and AquaLens Connect underwater camera system.

The expansion includes moving into new global sectors and regions, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, India and Brazil.

The new distributors include Sadaret Ltd., Seafloor Systems Inc., Deekay Marine Services Pvt. Ltd. and A2 Marine Solution.


Man Overboard Alarm System Cellphone App
Records Victim’s Location

Weems & Plath entered an exclusive agreement to manufacture and distribute PanPan’s overboard system, CrewWatcher. This app-based crew overboard alarm system works like a virtual lifeline made up of a smartphone application and a small beacon that can be comfortably worn by each crew member. The alarm will trigger automatically in a man overboard (MOB) event, sound an alarm, and provide latitude and longitude coordinates, the time of the event and visual guides for rescuers.


Louisiana-Based Shipbuilder to Deliver
Five Passenger Vehicles to NYC Ferry

Metal Shark is building four 97-by-28-ft., 350-passenger U.S. Coast Guard Subchapter K vessels and one 85-ft., 150-passenger Subchapter T vessel for the New York City Ferry. These high-speed aluminum catamaran passenger vehicles are larger than those currently in use and operate at 24 kt. The Subchapter K, “Rockaway Class” vessels are powered by 12-cylinder, 1,400-hp Baudouin 12M26.3 diesel engines, coupled to ZF Marine ZF3050 gearboxes, turning custom five-blade Michigan Wheel propellers.


MAJ Participates in IMO Port Security Conference

The Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) took part in a three-day conference in Belize City focused on potential threats to port security operations at the Belizean ports. The event was organized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in conjunction with the Inter-American Committee against Terrorism based on the framework of the Agreement of Co-operation between the IMO and the Organization of the American States (OAS).


Collaborative Project for Harsh Environments
Yields Better Ice-Sensing and Analysis Tools

Rutter Inc. completed a collaborative initiative with Statoil Canada Ltd. and the government of Newfoundland and Labrador to improve offshore oil and gas operations in harsh environments with ice conditions. The resulting developments include new remote-sensing technology used in the automatic detection and tracking of ice and the integration of ice analysis features into Rutter’s sigma S6 systems. The sigma S6 is capable of providing automatic identification, outlining and drift tracking of ice floes, pans, ridges, icebergs embedded in pack ice and open-water leads.


UUV Manufacturer Awarded for Innovation

Frost and Sullivan presented Riptide Autonomous Solutions with its North American Product Leadership Award in the UUV market. John Vestri, Riptide’s CEO and CFO, attended the awards gala in Lost Pines, Texas, and judges cited Riptide’s leadership in innovation, including engineering for affordability, superior hydrodynamics and flexible energy solutions.


Early Adopter of Synthetic Crane Rope
Provides a Case Study on Wear, Durability

Viant Crane retrofitted one of its National NBT55 cranes with Samson’s K-100 synthetic hoist line, and after two years of use, the rope was returned to Samson’s lab for examination and testing. It was determined that wear was consistent with published specifications. The K-100 synthetic rope intends to replace steel-wire hoist ropes with a blend of high-modulus fibers with equivalent strength at similar diameters, allowing a crane’s load chart and load pull to remain unchanged while saving 80 percent of the weight of wire rope.


Weather Forecast Company
Acquired by DTN

DTN acquired Wilkens Weather Technologies, a Houston-based weather company, from Rockwell Collins Inc. Terms of the transaction were not released.

Wilkens Weather has 40 years of global forecasting experience and specializes in daily offshore and marine forecasting for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries with an emphasis on marine synoptic and tropical meteorology. It offers daily site-specific forecasts, tropical advisories, severe weather alerts, Web and mobile tools and 24-hour customer support.


Satellite Antenna Systems
Receive Honors

KVH’s marine satellite antenna systems were recognized for their outstanding performance and reliability: the TracPhone V3-IP, which received the National Marine Electronics Association’s (NMEA) 2017 Product of Excellence Award in the satellite communications antenna category; and the TracVision TV3, which received the 2017 Product of Excellence Award in the satellite TV antenna category.


International Collaboration
For Maritime Research

Québec and Argentina are working to establish long-term collaboration in order to engage their shared sustainable maritime development challenges.

Following the example of Québec’s Maritime Strategy, Argentina has adopted a strategic scientific research initiative, the Pampa Azul, which includes exploration, conservation, technological innovation and knowledge transfer.

The cooperation also includes publication of a special joint journal issue to unveil the findings of RV Coriolis II in the San Jorge Gulf, Argentina.


South African Distribution of Transponders

RJE International formed a new partnership with a South African distributor, Fisheries Resource Surveys. The agreement involves the distribution of acoustic pingers and transponders with the acoustic receivers to detect and locate equipment.
RJE is a provider of mission-critical products for underwater applications in military, commercial and scientific markets, particularly special operations. The company is focused on underwater relocation, tracking, diver navigation and sonar systems.


Horizon Marine Turns 35

Horizon Marine’s analysis and interpretation of oceanographic data and forecasts have become a staple of the offshore oil and gas industry since its humble beginnings with hand-plotted EddyWatch charts.
What began as a small business with a few employees was the seed for a multinational corporation, CLS (France), and evolved into a full-service oceanographic science company with sister companies Woods Hole Group (U.S.) and ProOceano (Brazil).