Product Development

Kalmar to Deliver Straddle Carriers To Global Ports in Russia
Kalmar, part of Cargotec, has concluded an agreement to supply 12 classic straddle carriers to JSC First Container Terminal (FCT)
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New Version of Wärtsilä 20 Diesel Engine Increases Output
The technology group Wärtsilä is launching an upgraded, more powerful version of its Wärtsilä 20 diesel engine. This new development
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3,000-mm Ocean Buoy
The ATLANTIC-3000 buoy is manufactured from UV-stabilized polyethylene with a 3-m-diameter float section. It has a focal height of up
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Integrated Propulsion
Three60 Pod 650 is an integrated maneuvering system for control of engine rpm and pod transmission direction using lever control
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Bathymetric Data Cleaning
HIPS and SIPS 10.4 is a data processing tool with boresight calibration. It includes support for R2Sonic TruePix imagery, Kongsberg
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Enhanced Offshore Inspection
An internal gravity-deployed ultrasonic scanning tool, SIRIUS-X is built for ultrasonic corrosion mapping in offshore caissons, risers and conductors. It
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Multiple Corer Simultaneously Takes 12 Sediment Samples
OSIL delivered a 12-station multiple corer to XMU University in China that is capable of collecting up to 12 samples
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High Visibility Immersion Suits for Capsize Emergencies
These immersion suits are built from 5 mm flame-retardant neoprene with SOLAS-grade reflective patches for survival in a capsize situation. The face
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Solar Boat with Electric Engine Makes 7,200-Mile Trip
A custom vessel designed by Capt. Jim Greer completed a 7,200-mile voyage running solely on solar panels, batteries and an all-electric
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Damen Offers Electric Dredge Pump
  The E-DOP pump is an electric pump with 93% drive efficiency for applications in populated areas or hydroelectric dams
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Data Analytics Dashboard Allows Integrated Data Analysis
ABB Ability Enterprise Analytics is a dashboard that allows oil, gas and chemical plant operators to search, view and analyze
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Doppler Profiler

The Sentinel V acoustic Doppler current profiler has high-speed wireless and increased memory. It has a flood-resistant electronics chamber and one-touch activation individual transducers with data rates up to 16 Hz. Teledyne RDI.


Personal Rescue Strobe

A dedicated life jacket safety light includes a 200-lumen LED bulb housed in a Lexan lens with 360° visibility. It can be used for deep-sea diving to 1,000 ft. and is visible for over 2 mi. Weems & Plath.


Mobile App for Water Monitoring

VuSitu provides directed data analysis and allows site photos and GPS coordinates to be organized in a central location. The Android app has a built-in workflow for groundwater and low-flow sampling events, and it can be paired to a tablet for input via barcode scanner. In-Situ Inc.


Portable USV

Z-Boat 1250 is a remotely operated hydrographic survey boat with a collapsible sliding crossbar and streamlined design with no rudder or steering linkages. It is rated to survey in streams, rivers and lakes, as well as mining pits, tailing ponds, construction and inspection zones, dams, reservoirs and harbors. Teledyne Oceanscience.


Expanded Payload Sensor Platform

SBI SeaKite is the ScanFish XL ROTV with PanGeo Subsea’s SBI 3D acoustic SAS capabilities. The combination provides a multisensor towed survey solution as well as an expansion of the ScanFish ROTV system payload from 50 kg to 350 kg. The ROTV measures 4.33 x 2.73 x 2.77 m, weighs 1,840 kg and is neutrally buoyant in water. EIVA a/s.


Dynamic Positioning Systems

Integrated GNSS and inertial technology allows for precise heading determination as well as spoofing detection capabilities. DPS i2 and DPS i4 are fully scalable, and they use a motion gyrocompass and reference unit, allowing users to create operation-specific presentations. Kongsberg Maritime AS.


Man-Overboard Alert System

ALERT418 uses a radio signal to avoid satellite lag and interfaces with chart plotting software so a waypoint can be set upon activation. It can be wired to kill engines and activate external strobes and speakers. It has GPS, a DB-9 serial port and dry contacts. Emerald Marine Products.


Gas Lift Diffusion for Bulk Carriers

Ballast water treatment using inert gas does not require filtering or chemical dosing. The GLD system treats water in voyage to reduce water pH and induce ultrasonic shockwaves to kill problematic organisms in water. Coldharbour Marine Ltd.


Dual Stabilized Beam Sonar

The HD860 sonar has both a narrow beam for long-range scans and a wide beam for detailed information. Bottom-typing reveals hard- and soft-bottom conditions. Active stabilization is provided by a precision electronic gyroscope. WESMAR.


UV-Stable Marine Adhesive

Marine adhesive sealants must survive vibration, swelling and shrinking and apply to bedding on fiberglass hulls, sealing around porthole frames and screw holes for both through-hull and deck hardware. The marine adhesive sealant 4000 UV was developed to maximize UV stability and prevent fading, chalking and cracking. 3M Marine.


Pop-Up Buoy Recovery System (PUB)

This system for retrieval of seabed packages can be mounted to any framework on the seafloor. When the acoustic release is activated, the buoy subassembly lifts free and rises to the surface. A synthetic line connects the buoy to the framework of the seabed item and allows for retrieval. DeepWater Buoyancy Inc.


Tiny Sensor Transmitter

The V7TP can measure temperature and/or depth and enables tracking and 3D VPS studies of small animals. It has improved accuracy over the current V9P and offers more range options than the current V7. It is available in high- and low-power options. VEMCO.


Immersed Computer Power

The PT578 integrates programmed digital protection and paralleling circuitry. The 500 W PT578 operates at temperatures from -25 to +70° C. It includes an active PFC and three output protection modes and is designed for convection cooling. Powerbox.


LED Flasher for AUVs and Gliders

Anglerfish is a deep-sea flasher designed to assist vehicle recovery. The 380-lumen LED can be seen from 5 nm. It weighs 30 grams in water, has a power draw of 0.55 W and is available in depth ratings to 2,500 m. Arctic Rays LLC.


Remote-Control UV Technology

Live-view, remote-control technology enables multiple users to operate UUVs and cameras from any Web-enabled device. It can be used with the Endura ROV, Hybrid AUV/ROV and AquaLens Connect underwater camera system. Aquabotix.


GFCI Receptacle

This GFCI duplex receptacle complies with the 2015 UL 943 requirement to automatically monitor circuit functionality every 3 hours or less for protection against electrical shock. Hubbell Marine Electrical Products.


Freshwater Generator

The AQUA Blue S-type generator uses existing seawater cooling system pumps to cut electrical power by 70 percent. Alfa Laval Marine Division.


Geomagnetic Biotagging

SeaTag-GEO offers detection of temperature gradients and can also operate as an ocean drifter for studying ocean currents and associated dispersal patterns. The GEO implements new research using Earth’s geomagnetic field to improve position estimates of tracked animals. Desert Star Systems LLC.


Near-Shore Satellite Communications

Speedcast launched its onboard satellite solution to provide nearshore 4G/LTE communications and high-speed access to Internet and corporate VPN connections. GO4SPEED can be configured with services such as VSAT and MSS. Speedcast International Ltd.


Cable Telemetry

The ScanFish cable telemetry kit offers integration of power and communications with subsea equipment deployed using long cables. It is available with or without a subsea pressure bottle and also in a customized version. EIVA a/s.


High Latitude Wave Glider

The next generation Wave Glider features advancements in operational range and performance for missions in high sea states and high latitudes, as well as expanded sensor payloads and increased energy and storage capacity. Liquid Robotics Inc.


Managed Cybersecurity

Fleet Secure is a unified threat management and monitoring service to detect vulnerabilities, respond to threats and protect ships. It detects external attacks via high-speed satellite while also protecting vessel networks from intrusion via infected USB sticks and crew devices connected to the onboard LAN. Inmarsat.


Processor Expansion

The ADLSEC-1710 L-Peripheral board is designed for expansion of the ADLE3800SEC Bay Trail Atom SBC via its Edge-Connect architecture. The combination of the ADLE3800SEC plus ADLSEC-1710 boards provides a complete 3.5-in. SBC solution with features including M.2 PCIe, SATA, DVI/DP/HDMI or USB3.0 and a UPS option. ADL Embedded Solutions Inc.


HD Underwater Camera

The Luma-Vu is a high-definition, high-resolution color CCTV camera manufactured with Aqualuma’s corrosion-proof, injection-molded polymer housing. Tides Marine.


Overlaid Chart Software

The latest release of the SonaSoft software has been upgraded to be compatible with S-57 and S-63 charts. Users can overlay data onto these charts using FarSounder’s forward-looking sonar (FLS) system to view real-time 3D sonar data and create historical bathymetric maps. FarSounder Inc.


Shallow-Water Pressure Vessels

SeaCircuit pressure vessel enclosures are available from 1/8- to 24-in. internal diameter. They are made with polyvinyl chloride, which can be used for junction boxes, electrical instrumentation housings, sensor or battery enclosures and chemical or biological containment. Robotic Ocean LLC.


Crew Training Management

Videotel Performance Manager allows access to crew training records from any Web-enabled device. The dashboard provides interactive, dynamically rendered reports and data about crew performance, skill levels, strengths, weaknesses and training schedules. KVH Industries Inc.


Chirp-Ready Transducers

Designed for fiberglass hulls, these transducers can be installed without drilling holes and accommodate hull deadrise angles up to 22º. Models range from 300 W to 1.5 kHz with a base installed inside the hull and filled with eco-friendly liquid that allows the transducer to transmit through fiberglass. AIRMAR Technology Corp.


Expandable Tubular Technology

The OnePatch system can be deployed on coiled tubing or jointed pipe and is packaged in a 30-ft. patch. It is able to seal perforations or repair leaking casing while providing a large production conduit to bring a well back online. Mohawk Energy.


Geocoder Toolbox

The Fledermaus Geocoder Toolbox (FMGT) is improved for multispectral backscatter processing with corrections for transmission and receiver frequency response; creation of pseudo-tiffs from frequency mosaic layers; and the ability to export a frequency with corrected backscatter as ASCII text files. QPS bv.


Rugged iPhone X Cases

Pelican Shield for the Apple iPhone X includes reinforced corners, and the DuPont Kevlar case construction is stronger than steel wiring, providing drop protection that is three times more than military testing standards. Pelican Products Inc.


Fluorometric Monitoring

The V-Lux multiparameter fluorometer provides in-situ detection of algae, aromatic hydrocarbons or tryptophan-like fluorescence. It includes three fluorescence channels as well as absorption, turbidity and temperature channels. Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd.


Aquaculture Inspections

SeaDrone Inspector 2.0 version is a sub-6 kg underwater vehicle capable of tackling 1.5-kt. ocean currents using its omnidirectional drag design and high thruster-to-weight ratio with increased top speed, vehicle stability and extra battery packs. SeaDrone Inc.


Polyurethane Underwater Camera

The LUXUS compact PUR-molded camera and LED light are depth-rated to 200 m. The camera features a fixed focal length and the LED comes with a 0.6-m open-end cable or terminated with a SubConn or other customer-specified connector. MacArtney A/S.


Text Messaging for Divers

Seatooth SWiCOM is a wireless personal area network that provides text communications between divers. The upgraded system increases range from 5 m to 9 m with an improved user interface. WFS Technologies Ltd.


Multifrequency Smart Antennas

The S321+ and C321+ smart antennas support 394 channels and simultaneously track all satellite signals including GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS. They come standard with two long-life lithium batteries that provide up to 12 hours of operation and are hot-swappable. Hemisphere GNSS.